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I had a rocky start to my writing career.
After ripping my pants, front to back, during my first celebrity interview, I was forced to complete the meeting draped in a modesty towel provided by the publicist.
Fearing further wardrobe malfunctions, I transitioned to the relative safety of travel writing.
Life in the UK, the US, Australia and for the past two years New Zealand, has provided me with perfect fodder for travel tales.
Recently I've focused on Asian adventures, where I was chased by giant hornets in Sri Lanka, tigers in Myanmar and a yodelling pickle wielding maniac in Bangkok.
When I'm not banging away at the keyboard I can usually be found covered in paint or sawdust as I restore my 100-year-old home in the Northern Hawke’s bay.  
I write for clients across the globe but one of my most recent famils saw me fulfil a lifelong ambition to cross the Nullarbor on the Indian Pacific. One of my favourite travel destinations is India and I return this year to Darjeeling before moving on the Himalayas and the ancient kingdom of Sikkim.

Later this year I will spend several weeks travelling through China, Mongolia and Russia before spending time exploring Scandinavia. 


The Face of India

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365 things I should not have done while travelling

365 things I should not have done while travelling
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