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Mark Watson is a Lyttelton-based photographer with over 30 years experience in the New Zealand outdoors. Landscape photography is Mark’s mainstay as a photographer but he also shoots adventure and travel. His images have been been published internationally and are represented by a number of stock agencies. His latest book Te Araroa, Photographs from New Zealand’s Long Pathway features photographs collected on a six month journey on foot from Cape Reinga to Bluff (Publication date Nov 2015). He is also co-author of Our Mountains, a book about 15 of New Zealand's most notable mountains. Up until 2009 Mark spent the better part of a decade working for the NZ Alpine Club as editor and designer for their various publications, including The Climber magazine.

Mark is currently cycling from Alaska to Patagonia, a nearly three-year journey due to be completed in autumn 2019.

Laos Secret War and the Bomb Boats

Laos Secret War and the Bomb Boats
Bomb boats. Bolikhamsay Province, Laos. They're fishing canoes made from long range fuel canisters discarded by US bombers during their Secret War bombing campa ign in Laos. I photographed these near Nam Theun Village while on a 13,000km cycle tour through South East Asia.  Discovery Digital's Seeker Network picked up on this image and asked me to contribute more to a video about it, check it out on their  'This Happened Here'  series.  
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