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Vivienne Haldane is a freelance photographer and writer based in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. She is a regular contributor to a wide variety of national magazines and particularly enjoys writing travel features. This ex Waiheke Islander (pre influx) and ex Aucklander (pre property boom) briefly lived in China before deciding she'd by-pass Auckland and head back to her home town (some places stay the same) in 2002. Then realising a photography career in a small town may be an impractical challenge, added writing to her portfolio and has been tapping away ever since. Motto: 'Never say never.' Favourite time: Goodbye Waipuk we're hitting the road!

Time Machine

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Beneath the Maunga

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A do nothing day - or was it?

A do nothing day - or was it?
There's nothing like having a day doing nothing to find something. As I meandered aimlessly through internet pages I came across the Travcom site and thought, "I should be part of this". I can't even recall what my initial search was about. The internet can be a great time waster, then again it can turn up a few inspirations and new directions. A do nothing day is a rarity. Although I am between stories, I am waiting to hear back from a new connection, have an interview to do later and more stories to find. And I am enjoying wasting...
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