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Code of Conduct

Travel journalism must be accurate and free of unwarranted bias or prejudice.

Members shall not write about a destination without first-hand knowledge, unless reliable sources of information are used.

When accepting complimentaries (‘comps’) members should make all reasonable attempts to acknowledge the donor in the media. Members shall exercise common sense and courtesy to the host when sharing ‘comps’ with non-professionals not involved in the assignment.

Payment or courtesies shall not be accepted in exchange for providing favourable material about travel destinations or operations which conflicts with the member’s own professional appraisal. Members shall not accept reward from any operator, vendor or representative in return for reviews or coverage, or in lieu of payment. Members accept that their primary relationship is to the editor of the print title / website publishing the content, and the title / website’s readers.

Conflicts of interest should be avoided where possible or, if not possible, should be disclosed in or at the end of the article.

In joining Travcom, members acknowledge they undertake travel writing/photography for commercial gain. Therefore it is unacceptable to compromise the opportunities and income of other members by working for nothing. Travcom strongly discourages members from submitting work for print or on-line, without financial reward from the publications concerned.

It is unacceptable to plagiarise or infringe the rights, including copyright, of others. Photographs or editorial material supplied by others shall by acknowledged with appropriate bylines.

Members shall not engage in conduct that embarrasses Travcom or otherwise harms its reputation or professionalism. Members shall treat colleagues and hosts/host countries with common courtesy.

Travcom may discipline members by suspension or expulsion for serious breaches of the Code of Professional Conduct.