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A do nothing day - or was it?

A do nothing day - or was it?

There's nothing like having a day doing nothing to find something.

As I meandered aimlessly through internet pages I came across the Travcom site and thought, "I should be part of this". I can't even recall what my initial search was about. The internet can be a great time waster, then again it can turn up a few inspirations and new directions.

A do nothing day is a rarity. Although I am between stories, I am waiting to hear back from a new connection, have an interview to do later and more stories to find. And I am enjoying wasting some time.

Perhaps I should disengage my brain more often, get away from this www but then again, I found something new today and it looks exciting.

Beneath the Maunga
Newcastle, NSW…stirred not shaken

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Thursday, 22 August 2019

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