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2019 Travel Media Awards

2019 Award Winning Travel Photography

Photographer Mike Langford of Twizel is the Philippine Airlines New Zealand Travel Photographer of the Year, taking out the top prize, as well as Southern Cross Travel Insurance International Travel Photography category, where he also received recognition with two Highly Commended images. 

Photographer Mark Watson won the Best New Zealand Travel Image category sponsored by The Great Journey’s of New Zealand (Scroll down for Mark’s award-winning and Highly Commended images).

Photos below
1) Mike Langford, Weed collectors, Dal Lake, Kashmir – Supreme Award Winner
2) Mike Langford, Statues Mt Nemrut – International Photography Award Winner 
3) Mike Langford, Nubra Valley Camels, – International Photography Highly Commended

Mike Langford, weed collectors, Dal Lake Kashmir
Mike Langford "statues Mt Nemrut
Mike Langford Nubra Valley Camels

Photos below: 
1)Mark Watson, Wind Clouds over Aoraki – Winner best New Zealand Travel Image
2)Mark Watson, Amongst the Frailjones (Columbia) – Highly Commended International Travel Image

Mark Watson Wind Clouds over Aoraki
Mark Watson Amongst the Frailejones, Columbia